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Manitoba Centre for Proteomics & Systems Biology

Dr. Neeloffer Mookherjee - Principal Investigator

John Buhler Research Centre

University of  Manitoba

Dr. Neeloffer Mookherjee is Associate Professor within the Departments of Internal Medicine and Immunology, University of Manitoba, MB, Canada.


Primary Research Focus:

  • To define immunity-related functions of Cationic Host Defence Peptides (also known as antimicrobial peptides).


  • To define molecular processes in the regulation of chronic inflammation.

  • To investigate the role of Host Defence Peptides in chronic inflammatory disease such as asthma and inflammatory arthritis.

  • To develop small synthetic derivatives of host defence peptides, known as Innate Defence Regulator (IDR) Peptides, as immunomodulatory therapy for asthma and arthritis. 


Ongoing Projects (link to project details).

  1. Cytokines and Host Defence Peptides: Mechanisms in regulation of inflammation.

  2. Regulation of airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness by synthetic innate defence regulator (IDR) peptides.

  3. Mechanisms of sex-related differences in asthma.

  4. Effect of inhaled air pollution on the lung and plasma proteins.

  5. Regulation of inflammatory arthritis by synthetic IDR peptides.​

  6. Other collaborative projects on innate immunity and inflammatory disease.

  7. To define molecular processes in the regulation of chronic inflammation.

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Dr. Mookherjee is current Chair of WISDOM (Women In Science: Development, Outreach & Mentoring)

A Rady Faculty of Health Sciences instituted initiative at The University of Manitoba.

Dr. Hemshekhar, Postdoctoral Fellow