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Courtney Marshall; Wins CIHR Award

PhD student Courtney Marshall wins best student presentation award, Equity Symposium (2023)

GRC Antimicrobial Peptides, 2023

Chair, Dr. Mookherjee & Student Chair PhD student Anthony Altieri (Mookherjee lab leadership!)

Dina Mostafa; MSc (2022)

Convocation 2022; Congratulations to Dina Mostafa on completing MSc from Mookherjee Lab

ERS 2022

Dr. Mookherjee & PhD student Courtney Marshall in Barcelona, ERS 2022

Our Science Family

Dr. Mookherjee with her students and her mentor Dr. Bob Hancock at UBC (2019)

PhD Graduation

Dr. Piyadasa celebrates his PhD Graduation with his mentor Dr. Mookherjee (socially distanced - 2020); Graduating during a pandemic!

Dina Mostafa

MSc student Dina Mostafa at her first international conference, with mentor Dr. Mookherjee (Washington, DC, 2018)


Random Friday evening lab outing (2019)


The Mookherjee lab surprise - Balloon'ed Dr. Mookherjee's office at her 50th B'day!

Annual Party 2019

Faculty of The Manitoba Ctr of Proteomics & Systems Biology, at The Department of Internal Medicine Annual Party (2019)

Drs. Hiemstra and Mookherjee

Neeloffer, Anthony & Hadeesha

In Paris, for ERS Conference, 2018

LL-37 Women

Drs. Birgitta Agerberth & Mookherjee; at Gordon Conference Mentoring Session - The two women of 'LL-37' research, role model for Women In Science

Congratulations Dr. Choi

Congratulations Dr. Choi! Convocation ceremony; 2018. Drs. Choi and Mookherjee

GRC 2017

In Ventura, CA, USA, 2017

Summer Picnic

Mookherjee Lab Summer picnic, 2018

Neeloffer and Grace in Milan (2013), International Congress of Immunology

Grace, Hadeesha & Neeloffer in Rouen, France (2016), Regulatory Peptide Conference

Farewell Party for Grace

Farewell party for Grace

Lab Holiday Party (2016)

Hadeesha & Neeloffer, with friend of the lab Hester, The Netherlands

Faculty dinner with dear collaborator and friends Drs. Robinson and Krokhin

ERS 2018 dinner with Pollution lab

Dinner with Collaborators / friends @Pollution Lab, ERS, France, 2018

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