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Past Trainees in the Mookherjee Lab

2014-2020;   Piyadasa, Hadeesha (Graduate student - Completed PhD)

2018-2019;   Llyod, Dylan (Undergraduate Co-Op Research Student)

2017-2019;   Osawa, Natasha (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

2016-2020;   Khan, Protiti (Technician)

2018-2019;   Borlase, Stephanie (Undergraduate Honors Student)

2018;             Reckseidler, Breann (Undergraduate Co-Op Research Student)

2012-2017;   Choi, Ka-Yee Grace (Graduate student - Completed PhD)

2017;             Faiyaz, Sana (Research Assistant)

2016;             Carrie, Dylan (Summer Research Assistant)

2014-2015;   Kroeker, Andrea (Postdoctoral Fellow)

2014;             Altieri, Anthony (Undergraduate Co-op Research Student)

2013;             Passos, Louran (Undergraduate Summer Student, Exchange student from Brazil; Science without Borders)

2011-2013;   Chow, Leola (Postdoctoral Fellow)

2012;             Piyadasa, Hadeesha (Research Assistant)

2012;             Hunter, Tyler (Undergraduate Summer Research Student)

2009-2011;   Turner-Brannen, Emily (Research Associate)

2010;             Lee, Steven (Undergraduate Co-op Research Student)

2009;             Choi, Ka-Yee Grace (Undergraduate Co-op Research Student)

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