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Drs. Neeloffer Mookherjee & Andrew Halayko lead the establishment of a new multidisciplinary air pollution research facility; AirSAFE will bring together diverse scientific disciplines (2024)


iAMPNet, An international consortium of Antimicrobial / Host Defence Peptide researchers, leadership include Dr. Mookherjee & PhD student Courtney Marshall (2023)


 A special feature interview of Dr. Mookherjee for Lung Health Month; 
by Dr. Brian Rowe, Scientific Director, CIHR Circulatory & Respiratory Health (2022) 
Click on image for link to text interview 

Dr. Mookherjee was recognized by Gender STI's Women In Leadership Campaign (EU Commission’s Project) as a women leader in science, technology and innovation; One of 22 women selected from across the globe (2021) - click on image for interview 

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